Monday, April 23, 2007

Its a Mad, Mad World

With so many projects going on, its been tricky just remembering I'm still in school. Ah well. Graduation is near, but I'm not too stressed. I suppose I should be polishing my demo reel instead of messing around with all this other stuff, but I'm ready to move on to stuff I want to do while I have the spare time.

I've fully immersed myself in a short animation project with some fellow Ex'pression students. That's about to go into production and we can hopefully look forward to seeing it in festivals this summer. I'm very excited for its potential to rock. Too bad its still at a stage where I can't talk to much about it.

David Beck, my room mate and I are still facing the previs of our up coming graphic novel. While David writes the story, I'll be doing lots of concept art. I'll be posting some of that here. I'm hoping to get the whole thing posted on a website when its done (or close to done,) and David's hoping to see it published. Though, at this rate, it may be a while before we even see the first issue. Right now I'm really rooting for David, who has plenty on his plate already, to meet his goal of finishing the script before I graduate.

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