Monday, April 2, 2007

Ooh, how lovely, Gromit.


No, a blog! Well, all of my favorite graphic artists were doing it, so I thought I should do one, too. I know I don't talk a whole lot, but when I do, isn't it usually about stuff like art or what I'm doing at Ex'pression College? Yeah, so those of you who can stand listening to me wramble about that stuff (or at least would rather skim through the boring parts,) can now enjoy my life as a blog.

For those of you who might not know me, a short intro:

I, Tyne Delwiche, strive with all my might to illustrate stories, invent interesting new characters with in dept persona's, and bring to life the creative perspective of my good friends. Sometimes just with simple sketches, sometimes full blown animation. Ok, I like to draw... and animate; but in a way that suggests life! If my characters don't look like they could move or breath or bleed, then I've failed! Sounds dramatic, I know, but there are a lot of great artists out there that I feel the need to keep in stride with.

Right now I'm going to a little digital art school in Emeryville California called Ex'pression College for Digital Art. I'm in the Animation and Visual Arts program currently, but not for long. I'm about to graduate and I'm looking forward to being unleashed on the graphic art world.

I mean to post a little art work here, maybe some current projects in process, but I do already have a deviantart account ( ) and I wouldn't want this to get redundant, so I'll try to keep things a bit segregated here.

As far as current projects I hope to see up in public eye soon:
My friend David Beck and I are collaborating on a graphic novel. Its still in previs right now, but the storie's almost done and soon I can start thumbnails.
Also building a 2D animation reel as well as a modeling reel, most likely. The animation reel is almost complete, but there's no rest for the wicked: the animating continues.
One illustrated childrens book commission still in the works.
Aaand one website: Under construction.